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Every Shabbos Chabad Of Bricket Wood Hosts

Friday Night Kabbolas Shabbos And A Shabbos Day Torah Discussion

With Beautiful Melodies And Friendly Atmosphere



  • 6pm Every Friday Night

    Followed By Fresh Challah, Hot Chicken Soup And Scotch!


  • 10am Every Shabbos Morning Get Involved with friendly discussions of the Torah Portion of the week (includes davening).
    Followed By Kiddush!




Certificate Religous Practice (CRP) Points

What is CRP Points?
Following a judgement in the Supreme Court, Jewish schools have now adopted a religious practice test for admissions. 

This is where upon applying your child in a Jewish school, the school will ask you to complete a Certificate of Religious Practice form, which will include a section where we would need to verify or sign off that your child has participated in Shabbat services by us. 

In order to ease our process of verification we ask you to register your children with us using the online form by clicking this link:  REGISTER HERE


Please be aware that each schools CRP requirements slightly differ, therefore, it is essential that you contact your school to obtain their exact requirements.

We realize this a task we rather not do, though at the same time we understand why the Jewish schools have been forced to adapt this approach.

We do look forward to welcoming you at Chabad in Bricket Wood and we hope this will enable us to build a loving and friendly relationship with you and your children.

For more information and the location please text or call 07947469610.