Chabad Lubavitch Bricket Wood & Districts Grand Menorah Lighting In Bricket Wood


This year's we returned to the same location as last year for the Grand Menorah lighting, by the parade of shops, on the corner of Oakwood Road and West Riding this brings the light of the menorah to the centre of the village


Despite heavy rain and World Cup final over 100 people joined us for the first night Menorah lighting ceremony, they all enjoyed delicious doughnut and a great fire entertainer. 

This year again the menorah ceremony was done in partnership with St Albans United Synagogue, we thank them for their help and participation. 

Children were treated to LED dreidel balloons, crayon dreidels and more... 


Doughnut Bake 

Many joined us this year again to decorate and fry doughnut on the 3rd night of Chanukah, which then followed an outdoor Menorah lighting ceremony

the Galleria Menorah Lighting

On the 4th night of Chanukah together with Radlett Lubavitch we invited the Hatfield / Welwyn community for the first ever Public Menorah Lighting at the famous Galleria shopping center.